The Other Charlotte and I have been predicting that “Brokeback Mountain“–that’s the movie about gay cowboys in neatly pressed jeans–will be this year’s “Million Dollar Baby,” another flick whose politically correct themes will win it many a prize among the Hollywood elite but which few people will actually want to see. And sure enough, “Brokeback” has garnered seven Golden Globe nominations even though it’s been out for only a week.

But you’ll have to threaten to broke my back before I’ll buy a ticket. Last year I (along with a fair amount of other people) didn’t want to see girl boxers beat each other to pulp in “Baby,” followed by a We Love Euthanasia message in which the heroine’s trainer snuffs her in the hospital. This year, since I’m a heterosexual female, the thought of watching two guys in Stetsons kiss each other on the lips not only doesn’t float my boat; it sinks it to the bottom of the ocean. Yeah, sure, I know it goes on, and it’s fine by me as long as I don’t have to look at it.

Me, I’m rooting for awards for “Cinderella Man,” which features a male boxer who kisses his wife on the lips. That’s my kind of movie. But it’s not the kind of movie over which Hollywood can pat itself on the back. Its broke back.