Christmas and Hannukah are holidays for children–so of course our sisters on the left want to turn them into eat-your-politically-correct-spinach-fests. The latest such move, reported on National Review Online by the IWF’s own Carrie Lukas, is the campaign by Code Pink (that’s “Mother” Cindy ” Sheahan’s outfit) to get parents to stop buying toy soldiers and weapons for their sons. No we can’t have “war toys”–that is, we can’t let little boys be litte boys. Carrie writes:

“One suggested tactic is the ‘buy and return.’ The idea is for activists themselves to purchase war toys and then head straight to customer service. There they return the offending products while engaging in a verbal strike – imploring managers to take “violent” toys off the shelves and pestering fellow customers about war toys’ dangers. (Certainly, there’s no better way to win converts than to gum up the return and exchange lines during the holiday rush.) Code Pink suggests pre-arranging local media to cover the impending ruckus.

“At least Code Pink’s ‘buy and return’ silliness is probably legal. Operation ‘Stick It To ‘Em,’ however, encourages activists to deface private property by placing surgeon general-style warning labels on offending toys. The Code Pink website includes helpful samples that, they explain, are easily printed on sticky mailing labels. One sums up the heart of the campaign: ‘Violent Toys=Violent Boys.'”

I myself got so fascinated by the campaign that I went straigh to Code Pink’s “Say No to War Toys” web page, where there are even more fun holiday ideas for peace-loving moms:

“Wear a fun holiday costume like an elf and stand outside stores that sell war toys with anti-war toy banners reminding gift buyers to shop responsibly. Hand out flyers to shoppers about why they shouldn’t buy them and give them suggestions for alternative gifts they can purchase for the little ones in their lives.”

I can’t wait to see Cindy Sheahan standing outside Toys R Us dressed up as an elf. Then there’s this.

Here’s another cool Code Pink idea:

“Suggest a toy exchange for the school, where children turn in their war toys and get some cool, peaceful toy like a hot pink Frisbee.”

Note that you’re not only supposed to give your son a Frisbee but a pink Frisbee.

And finally, here’s another great gift idea from Code Pink:

“A natural hand-woven kaisa grass basket from Bangladesh is filled with:

“An Origami Peace Crane
Code Pink Women for Peace Tea
Fair Trade Organic Peace Coffee
Olivewood Peace Plaque
No Justice No Peace Sticker
Lokta Paper Peace Flag Notecard Set
Tibetan Prayer Flags”

Wait till Junior sees that under the tree instead of the Power Rangers he’s been agitating for!