NRO’s 2006 Crystal Ball
Predicting 2006.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Another year, more predictions. Every year some brave souls here at National Review Online look into their crystal balls and see what they see for the upcoming year. Enjoy their self-sacrifice. And Happy New Year!

Carrie Lukas
At least four states will enact new school-choice programs; several prominent Democrats will break with teachers’ unions to support school choice.

Latin America will emerge as a serious national-security concern that will soon rival the Middle East.

There will be another Supreme Court vacancy.

The Chicago Cubs will win the pennant.

Air America will finally go under, ironically undermined by “competition” from the taxpayer-supported NPR that they vigorously support. Distraught listeners in search of liberal viewpoints will be forced to turn to CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, The New York Times, etc…

Republicans will pick up seats in the House.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will name their baby something odd.

General Motors will declare bankruptcy due to the crushing costs of their union-coerced healthcare and retirement programs– a prelude to the looming crises in Medicare and Social Security.

The feminists will hold another “Equal Pay Day” event to complain about the so-called “wage gap” on April 25, 2006 and no one will care.

Carrie Lukas is the director of policy at the Independent Women’s Forum.

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