The left can’t mount reasoned arguments anymore, so it’s resorted to online name-calling and flame campaigns. The latest is the assault of “reviews” on the Amazon website of our friend Kate O’Beirne’s new book “Women Who Make the World Worse: and How Their Radical Feminist Assault Is Ruining Our Schools, Families, Military, and Sports.” Some 493 people, mostly trolls, have signed on to give Kate one star and write semi-literate drivel, like this from one “Ranmasan”:

“The book is filled with misrepresentations of facts, and out right lies. Though at least she has a lot in common with the Bush Administration on this one.

“Her grasp of Statistics is non-existent. So her whole chapter on income disparity is moot. (You can’t just pick a few random occupations and average the salaries together!).”

And Kate’s National Review colleage Kathryn Jean Lopez points to this act of online vandalism of the cover.

Aren’t lefties witty and cultivated?

By the way, I love the delightful, feminista-caricaturing cover of Kate’s book, except for one teeny thing: What is the winsome Sarah Jessica Parker doing with the likes of professional harpies Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Hillary Clinton, and Jane Fonda? Parker is shown as “Sex in the City”‘s Carrie Bradshaw pecking away at her laptop and daydreaming about….shoes! Of course she’s daydreaming about shoes! That’s what all women daydream about, don’t they? We’re women after all–and isn’t that Kate’s very point in the book? I’m confused.

But go over to Amazon anyway, do battle with the moonbats, and give “Women Who Make the World Worse” five stars. Who cares if you haven’t read it–do you think many of the trolls have?

And do read The Other Charlotte’s take on the anti-Kate spew-fest today below.