Click here and here (hat tips: Michelle Malkin and Kathryn Jean Lopez) to look at the photographs of this pretty and winning little girl. Would you want to harm a hair on her head? Well, her stepfather did, last September, beating 11-year-old Haleigh Poutre insensate with a baseball bat. The Mainstream Media has been playing Haleigh’s story as a “right to die” story, since exactly one weak after the beating put Haleigh into a coma, the Department of Social Services in Haleigh’s home state, Massachusetts, petitioned a court to pull her off life support and “let her go.,” as they say. This is the same state agency that ignored seventeen reports of child abuse (yes, you read that right) over the three years preceding that last beating filed by school and medical personnel who noticed bruises, general signs of neglect, and missed school on the child’s part. All of these episodes were covered up by–natch–Haleigh’s adoptive mother.

I am so tired of women who put their “relationships” with the felonious stray polecats they move into their homes over the welfare of their own children. The results: Beaten and dead kids. This is an aspect of the Haleigh Poutre case that our Mainstream Media refuse to look at–because our elites believe that the traditional nuclear family is an oppressive and patriarchal institution. Haleigh’s adoptive mother ultimately committed suicide. At least she had a conscience that came back to haunt her. Our elites don’t.

Haleigh, although removed from a ventillator, is now fighting for her life and showing some small signs of improvement. I like what my favorite liberal, Mickey Kaus, has to say about the Mainstream Media’s treatment of the matter:

” Another patient denied a ‘good death,’ despite expert opinions: An 11-year old girl said to be in a ‘vegetative state with no hope of recovery’–begins to recover, according to Malkin. … Where’s the fabled Republican message machine when it comes to publicizing this story in the MSM? It tends to put GOP activism over Terri Schiavo in a favorable light, no? “