Agenda for Women 2006


The mission of the Independent Women’s Forum, a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization, is to advance the American spirit of enterprise and self-reliance and to support the principles of political freedom, economic liberty, and personal responsibility.

We provide a voice for American women who believe in free markets and who seek equality of opportunity rather than equality of outcomes. We have made that voice heard in the courts, among decision-makers in Washington, and across America’s airwaves.

Economic Independence

-Creating Social Security and pension systems that provide women with the maximum opportunity to save and invest
-Reducing government’s burden on women by instituting tax cuts and tax reform
-Eliminating burdensome regulations that reduce job opportunities

Quality of Life in the United States

-Improving our education systems by putting power back in the hands of parents and education consumers
-Making healthcare work for women by ending tax policies that favor employer-provided health insurance and encouraging savings for healthcare expenses

International Freedom

-Promoting the full political, economic, and social participation of women in Iraq and Afghanistan, and helping these women build stable and democratic countries
-Encouraging a greater understanding of the importance of democracy, private property, rule of law, and human rights among women worldwide
-Advancing a greater understanding of the benefits of globalization and free trade

Justice and Justices

-Supporting nominations of qualified individuals to the federal judiciary
-Promoting civil justice reform to stop the over-regulation of American life through frivolous litigation

The Next Generation: On Campus

-Promoting personal responsibility and a balanced expression of philosophies on college campuses

In addition to the aforementioned topics in our annual agenda, we will continue to address the “issues of the day” on a moment’s notice. The year 2006 promises to be an exciting year!