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(Washington, DC)- As President George W. Bush prepares to come to Capitol Hill to deliver his State of the Union address tomorrow night, the Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) today issued its own report on the state of the union entitled “Agenda for Women 2006.” The proposal makes recommendations to foster and advance those policies, which IWF believes best serve all individuals, particularly women. IWF’s “Agenda for Women 2006” calls on lawmakers to:

  • Improve EDUCATION by putting power back in the hands of parents and education consumers.
  • Make HEALTH CARE affordable for women and all Americans by ending tax policies that favor employer-provided health insurance and encouraging savings for health care expenses
  • Reduce government’s burden on women by instituting TAX CUTS and tax reform.
  • Pass CIVIL JUSTICE REFORM to stop the over-regulation of American life through frivolous litigation.
  • Develop policies to encourage WORKPLACE FLEXIBILITY and discourage wage setting.
  • Promote the full political, economic, and social participation of WOMEN IN IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN, and help these women build stable and democratic countries.

Michelle Bernard, president and CEO of the Independent Women?s Forum
Carrie Lukas, vice president for policy
Charlotte Hays, senior editor

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