Michelle Malkin has posted on her website all 12 of the anti-Islamic extremist cartoons that have the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in deep, deep trouble with the political correctness police. They’re quite funny–and they’re certainly no more “offensive” than the average anti-Bush cartoon in your Mainstream Media newspaper here.

As we know, Denmark is now under a pan-Islamic boycott for daring to exercise freedom of the press. And also much criticism from supposedly free speech-loving liberals. Fortunately, we can counteract the boycott by buying Danish–and here’s a list (courtesy of History News Network’s Judith Apter Klinghoffer]of delicious and classy Danish products, from Havarti cheese to Carlsberg beer–in which to indulge ourselves. And don’t forget the Legos for the kids come from Denmark! Furthermore, polls show that an overwhelming majority of Danes support the newspaper’s and Danish Prime Minister Frogh Rasmussen’s refusal to apologize to the thin-skinned fanatics.