As columnist John Podhoretz observes, Hillary Clinton has been taking some heat lately-so many polls show she could not win a presidential race.
And, unlike her husband, she doesn’t pander convincingly, as her plantation gaffe illustrated. More recently, there was her unbecoming behavior at the State of the Union address.
“[O]n Tuesday night,” writes Podhoretz, “she sat stone-faced during the State of the Union Address, refusing to crack even the slightest smile when the president made a fond reference to her husband and his friendship with the president’s dad. She’s been getting some heat for that too.”
And Podhoretz asks-and answers-the key question:
“So is Hillary in trouble?
“Oh, excuse me, I had to pause there for a minute because I was rolling around on the floor laughing.
“Hillary in trouble? You should have such trouble.
“In survey after survey, she is running 20 to 30 points ahead of all other Democrats when it comes to asking whom they will support in 2008. She has already raised $10 million for her Senate run this year without even trying. Since she’ll clearly have no credible competition, she won’t have to spend much of that $10 million – or the $70 to $80 million that may follow it by the time the November election rolls around.”