For a long time, it has looked as if the media wanted to turn George Bush’s second term into Nixon’s term. But now I think they are aiming for Jimmy Carter’s waning days.

Vice President Cheney’s hunting accident confirms the Carter suspicion-the hunting accident, as long as Mr. Whittington, who was shot is safe, is not without a soupcon of humor.

But the press is trying to make it “a metaphor” (metaphor is always the last resort when the media realizes that the facts just aren’t that devastating) much like the killer rabbit that supposedly attacked the hapless Carter in his second term. (Here is a report on the press’s disgraceful behavior at the White House yesterday.)

The metaphor tact isn’t going to work this time-if for no other reason than that there are more people like me, who grew up in red states where real men really hunt, than there are them, and we’re mostly glad the accident wasn’t serious and wishing Dick Cheney would send us some quail.