OK, so Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shoots quail-hunting companion Harry Whittington in Texas, and Cheney’s office waits maybe 14, 18, 20, 21 hours (I’ve read all these various numbers in the Mainstream Media accounts)–in any event less than a day–to officially release the news–and that to a local Corpus Christi, Texas newspaper instead of the pooh-bahs in the White House press corps. What? Is there supposed to be something wrong with that?

And of course, our fast-on-the-draw (so to speak) liberal pundits are already reading Vast Metaphorical Significance into the unfortunate incident. Here’s the hysterical Eugene Robinson at the Washington Post:

“As for the trigger-happy vice president, let’s hope he takes this unfortunate episode as a hint to pack up his shotgun and go home. Lord knows he’s done enough.
“The man is out of control.”

“Then again, out-of-control is the way this whole administration operates: Ready, fire, aim. Global war on terrorism, global war on poultry, what’s the difference? You see something moving, shoot it.”

Ah, would that a Post editor had those sentiments about Eugene Robinson’s columns. My own opinion is with Captain Ed Morrissey, writing yesterday:

“Memo to the Exempt Media: it was an accident. Report it and get over it, and then shut the hell up so that we can listen to the real comedians make fun of Dick Cheney. Anyone want to guess how much higher the ratings for Jay and Dave will be tonight?

“And while we’re at it, can we all just calm down about the White House waiting all of eighteen hours to release the news of the shooting? When the shooting occurred, I for one am glad that the first thought through Cheney’s mind wasn’t ‘Gee, how soon do I need to put out a news release?’ I understand that the White House press pool feels put out because the story got covered by a local Corpus Christi newspaper instead of the courtiers in DC, but all this fuss over eighteen hours is sheer silliness. It’s not a cover-up, people. It’s not even a crime to have a hunting accident, and it’s certainly not a crime not to report it to the Exempt Media, no matter how mad it makes them.

“Besides, while they’re whining about eighteen hours, the same media outlets who stand outraged at the blackout have spent the last ten days hiding the Prophet cartoons from their readers and viewers. I’m less than impressed with their whining about the public’s right to know about a hunting accident under the circumstances.”

Exactly. And while you’re at it, here’s where you can buy this bumper-sticker: “I’d Rather Be Hunting With Dick Cheney Than Riding With Ted Kennedy.” (Thanks, Michelle Malkin and Expose the Left.) And read The Other Charlotte’s take today below on the Mainstream Media’s efforts to make a mountain out of a quail egg. And wish victim Whittington a speedy recovery.