Our friend Mary O’Hayes alerts us to this post of hers on the Modestly Yours blog concerning a middle school in Massachusetts whose principal sent an e-mail to parents reminding them that there is such a thing as inappropriate attire for class. Here’s the report from the Boston Globe:

“An Andover middle school is asking parents to more closely monitor what their children wear to school after a group of girls wore what the principal thought was inappropriate clothing on Valentine’s Day.

“When the girls wore matching outfits that included short denim skirts to West Middle School, ‘you could not help but go, “Whoa,”‘ Principal Denise Holmes said.

“One girl wore a skirt so short that you could tell what color underwear she was wearing, Holmes said.

“The problem is not just with girls. The waistbands on boys’ pants have been dropping as the hemlines on girls’ skirts have been rising, and the Valentine’s Day incident was the last straw, Holmes said.”

Comments Mary:

“Kudos to Denise Holmes for not shying away from setting limits and exercising authority on this issue. I’m glad to see an adult who doesn’t throw up her hands and say ‘It’s just the way kids dress these days, there’s nothing we can do about it.’  Holmes said that the responses from parents were almost entirely supportive. Only one parent complained….

“If youy want to send a note of support and appreciation to Holmes, her e-mail address is [email protected].”

And tell Holmes to expect a lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union arguing that the dress code violates the little darlings’ freedom of expression.