One of our longtime interests at the IWF is what Christina Hoff Sommers termed “the war against boys” in a bestselling book with that title. The war starts in grade school when some educators ban recess, which boys especially need for letting off steam, because it brings out the raucous (boyishness) in kids.

CBS’s Dick Meyer notes (as the old Women’s Quarterly noted years ago in an article on ads) that Madison Avenue is not waging war against boys:

“Madison Avenue thinks American young men are moronic oafs.

“The jury is out on whether the Satan’s pitchmen are right, but one thing is for sure: pop culture is in the oaf-creation business. Big time, Dude.

“Sensitive and knowing people have been indoctrinated about the evils perpetuated onto young women by craven mass media for decades. The sociological victims of female-stalking marketing are famous — fashion victims, anorexics, shopaholics, botox addicts, Lolitas and, of course, low self-esteem sufferers.”

Thanks to Powerline for spotting Meyers’ piece.