When you hear feminists complain that women don’t receive adequate credit for their achievements, you know they mean a certain kind of woman. 

The libertarians at the Cato Institute have an excellent piece on the contributions of three women. All made a difference in the world of economics but none are likely to receive kudos from NOW.

That is because, working in a time when socialism was in vogue among intellectuals, they helped restore faith in the free-market system.

Here is a snippet from the piece: 

“Almost as unorthodox as the books’ contents, in the climate of the 1940s, were their authors — three remarkable women described by libertarian journalist John Chamberlain in his memoir:

“‘If it had been left to pusillanimous males probably nothing much would have happened…. Indeed, it was three women — [Isabel] PattersonRose Wilder Lane, and Ayn Rand — who, with scornful side glances at the male business community, had decided to rekindle a faith in an older American philosophy. There wasn’t an economist among them. And none of them was a Ph.D.'”