Perhaps the PC tide really is changing. It’s hard to imagine an edgy indie flick taking a dim view of feminists even a few years ago. 

But I recently ran across a casting call (on a theatrical site) for a flick called “Women’s Studies.”

At first, I assumed it was a laudatory film about women’s studies majors as victims or some such foolishness. Boy, did I get a wrong number! Here is how it is described:

“Women’s Studies is the story of Mary, a pregnant grad student, and her friends who are held captive at a women’s academy that’s actually a cult of psychotic feminists bent on enslaving and/or murdering men. Rather than a typical ‘hack and slash’ horror film, it’s an intelligent look at groupthink, women’s issues, and how blind belief in a one-sided dogma can create a terrorist….

“Also, the film deals frankly with sexuality and both sides of the abortion issue. Also, being a horror film, there is great deal of violence in the movie, almost all of it performed by women.”

Some snippets from the “character breakdowns:” 

“Judith (the ‘Redhead’): The nemesis. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. She is the ringleader of the Academy girls. Sweet and understanding with Mary, she is perfectly capable of murder without a moment’s hesitation. She hides a great deal of pain and insanity beneath a cool, controlled exterior. This role will be EXTREMELY physically and emotionally demanding. Judith fights, cries, kills, screams, and even performs a strip tease in a bikini. Her relationship with Mary develops into a romantic one that though not physically realized, requires the actor to have a certain level of comfort in portraying a lesbian.

“Diane (5′ 9” or taller): Judith’s ‘lieutenant.’ A med student. Physically imposing, sultry, and silent for most of the film, she has poise and confidence. When she finally speaks she is intelligent and well spoken. She too will murder without a thought. The role requires combat. …

One character, however, does seem to fit into the contemporary feminist mold of woman as victim:

“Iris (College Aged Girl): A student of Mary’s that comes with her to the Academy. Iris is meek and insecure, the product of an overbearing father who abuses her mother. Iris becomes empowered by the academy girls and eventually joins them after they help her exact a brutal revenge on her father.”

Let’s hope poor Sharon isn’t representative of our feminist sisters: 

“Sharon: (College Aged, nine months pregnant): An academy girl who is a little doubtful about their dogma due to her pregnancy. She has a scene in which she gives birth. Later, she kills the baby, then herself. Requires a wide emotional range. (Lots of crying.)”

I feel certain that if this indie gets made there will be lots of indignant wailing at NOW headquarters.

It’s being made by Ningen Manga Productions-and we hear it’s not too late to land a role as a wacko feminist.  All I can say is: Good luck at Sundance.