Hugh Hewitt catches Washington Post columnist and anti-capitalist raver Harold Myerson saying this:

‘The broadly shared prosperity that characterized our economy in the three decades following World War II is now dead as a dodo.”

Myerson urgest the usual socialist bromides from the left: more unions, more government regulations, more bureaucracy.

Meanwhile, as Hugh points out, the Post’s marketing department is telling potential advertisers this:

“Washington will continue to lead most other major markets in household income in 2008, when the average after-tax household income is projected to be $73,328.

2003 Average Household Income       2008 Average Household Income

S.F.-Oakland-San Jose  $72,106        $84,113
Washington  $64,416                       $73,328
New York  $60,514                           $68,414               
Boston  $60,080                              $69,302
Chicago  $58,811                            $66,405
Dallas-Ft. Worth  $57,001                $64,559
Houston  $55,636                           $63,718
Atlanta  $55,331                             $62,355
Philadelphia  $54,088                      $61,138
Los Angeles  $53,463                      $59,277
Average for the Top 10 [Metro Areas:  $59,145    $67,261
United States  $49,722                    $55,968

Note: Household estimates projected from 1/1/04 to 1/1/09.
Source: Claritas 2004 Demographics U.S.A., County Edition”
So whom do you believe, dear readers?