The IWF has long been interested in the way that Title IX is administered because of the profoundly negative impact it has had on college sports. But it keeps getting worser and worser.  

IWF’s CARRIE LUKAS reports on the latest development:

The National Journal reported that the Department of Education is investigating how to apply Title IX to academic departments:

“The officials are trying to address the gap between the number of men and women studying, researching, and teaching in the hard sciences — engineering, physics, and computer science, for example. Extending Title IX, which bans gender discrimination in government-funded education programs but has been applied mainly to sports, into the academic departments of universities would be a controversial departure from past practice.”  

It seems a convenient coincidence that officials are examining discrepancies in hard sciences like engineering, where men outnumber women 4 to 1, while ignoring the many areas in which women are outpacing men.  Overall, women earn 58 percent of bachelor’s degrees.  Why aren’t officials examining potential discrimination against boys that is leading to this inequity? 

Quotas aren’t the answer, but it is telling that the government is doing the feminists bidding by trying to boost enrollment of women in select areas while ignore the crisis in men’s education.