I’m generally pro-immigration, and I’m even willing to cut slack to those who swim here illegally, as long as they’re willing to work hard and and assimilate themselves into the new country they’ve chosen. My mother and a host of her relatives are legal Latin-American immigrants, so I can understand.

What I can’t abide are the ones who come here with their hands out for taxpyer-funded social services and with the baggage of resentment toward America and everything it stands for. That’s why I’ve been seeing red–and white, and green–at all those Mexican flags on display at the Los Angeles demonstrations, especially when I hear the claims that we Americans “stole” the state of California from them. No, hombres, you’re trying to steal it from us. If you want to fly the Mexican flag, go back and fly it in Mexico.

As the Anchoress writes:

“Let’s be frank, shall we?  Very few who are resentful of illegal immigrants are racists or xenophobes – they’re simply appalled to see people stroll into our country and start making demands. They see how well that’s working out in Europe. (Hint: It’s NOT). The plain fact is this problem has been brewing and growing for 30 years, and NO ONE in government, in either party has been willing to address it, because it was immediately muddied up in the strategic language of  ‘hate’ and ‘phobia’ and ‘prejudice.'”