Rep. Cynthia McKinney, the Democratic congresswoman from Georgia who evidently thinks that wearing  her member-of-Congress ID pin makes her look fat, gave a press conference this morning in her home town of Atlanta to explain why she allegedly plunged her cell phone into the chest of a Capitol Police officer who dared to accost her as she swept past the security checkpoint that’s mandatory in the House Office Building for folks who aren’t wearing their member-of-Congress ID pins.

And there, well, did our Cynthia ever play that race card! Michelle Malkin has the pix. “Our sister was set up! Set up!” lamented one McKinney supporter, echoing the words of former Washington, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry when he was caught smoking crack in a hotel room in 1989. Come again? How can you be “set up” in an incident like that? Did Dennis Hassler steal McKinney’s pin? Did McKinney think she was reaching into her purse for a pack of  Kleenex, except that someone had substituted a cell phone?

As Michelle writes:

“You would think there would be some Democrat official out there somewhere brave enough to express embarrassment at this continuing spectacle–and wise enough to come to the defense of law enforcement.

“Guess not.”

As Sister Toldjah, who’s been following l’affaire Mckinney with glee (and has video) writes:

“And just who did she appear with? Among others, actor Danny Glover, supporter of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, and singer/actor Harry Belafonte, who not only supports Castro as well but also Venezuelan  dictator Hugo Chavez. Belafonte, you may recall, likened former Sec. of State Colin Powell and then-NSA advisor now-Sec. of State Condi Rice to ‘house slaves’ back in 2002. Nice move, Rep. McKinney.”

Hat tip: Mary Katherine Ham.