We’re now into–what?–the fifth decade of the sexual revolution, when our elites informed us that liberating women from that ol’ double standard would enable them to have carefree, guilt-free casual sex–just like men!

And guess what? Here’s the story from the U.K. Daily Mail:

“They are apparently more sexually liberated than ever before – but most women still believe one-night stands are immoral, research shows.

“Forty years after the dawn of women’s lib, British females judge friends and acquaintances who indulge in casual sex as being ‘needy’ and ‘deviant’

“The study of women’s attitudes towards sex revealed that women of all ages believe that sex outside marriage or a committed relationship is wrong….

“The findings, by psychologists from Sheffield University, fly in the face of image of the carefree, liberated 21st century woman portrayed in programmes such as Sex And The City”….

Are you surprised, dear readers? I’m not. The Daily Mail continues:

“Dr [Sharon] Hinchliff [who conducted the study], who found the women’s attitudes ‘shocking’, said: “It doesn’t fit in with the image we have got of today’s independent women who can go out and have sexual freedom without the ties of a relationship.'”

I’d be shocked, too, if I’d spent my entire academic life being indoctrinated in the doctrine that women are identical to men sexually. 

Thanks, Dawn Eden.