As everyone knows, the new Sharon Stone vehicle, “Basic Instinct 2,” has sunk, like…well, a stone. It has grossed just $3 million since its March 31 opening, in contrast to the $117 million made by its 1992 predecessor, ‘Basic Instinct.” Seems that few people want to watch a 48-year-old woman do things onscreen that are probably a lot sexier when done onscreen by a 34-year-old woman.

So now, Stone seems to have a new profession: giving unsolicited sex advice to teen-age girls. Here’s the report from Contact Music UK:

“Actress SHARON STONE is adamant teenagers should be prepared to engage in oral sex, if it saves from them the dangers of unprotected penetrative sex.”

Stone says she ran into a teen-age girl in a store shopping for clothes with her mother. After the mother walked away, Stone told the girl:

“‘I’d like to give you a two-minute conversation about sex.’ Young people talk to me about what to do if they’re being pressed for sex? I tell them (what I believe): oral sex is a hundred times safer than vaginal or anal sex. ‘If you’re in a situation where you cannot get out of sex, offer a b— j–.’ I’m not embarrassed to tell them.”

Wouldn’t you love to have your daughter run into Sharon Stone while alone in a store?

Wendy Shalit of Modestly Yours comments:

“If someone is really ‘pressing’ a girl for sex, as Stone puts it, then what ever happened to the old-fashioned slap in the face?”