Even if you think that columnists Dick Morris and Eleanor McGann are overestimating the meaning of Hillary’s slight drop in New York Senate race polls, their analysis is delicious (and prophetic for the next presidential race):                                                                                                                        

“What’s the problem? Some on the left may find her too pro-war, while others may be reacting to her newly prominent stridency as a critic of the Bush administraion. After six years of studied moderation and respectful silence, the Hillary Clinton who poured coffee for her fellow senators is now yielding the spotlight to the loud, partisan critic.”

As you recall, Dick Morris was once a consultant to the Clintons. So he probably knows where of he speaks in warning Hillary’s GOP challenger, John Spencer, that Hillary’s dip isn’t like totally good news for him:

“Whatever the cause, Hillary’s drop in popularity means Spencer had better look out. (It’s hard to see how K.T. McFarland can stay in the race much longer.) This dose of negative poll data may well prompt the Clinton campaign to dip into her her vast war chest to go on-air with ads. But if Spencer raises the money his current standing in the polls deserves, he’ll be able to counter Hillary and erode her lead further.”