Here’s where your tax dollars are going in Florida–subsidizing students’ getting pictures of their orgasms painted onto T-shirts at the state-run University of Florida’s Gainsville campus.

Yup, it’s Pride Awareness Month at the home of the ‘Gators (the “pride” is the way you’re supposed to feel about your “sexuality.”).

“The event intended to educate people about sexual health and safety, said [student union] event director Ricky Cortez…..

“‘We want to break that taboo with sexuality whether you’re gay, straight or on the fringes,’ Cortez said. “It’s not something you normally talk about. When you see a shirt with “My orgasm is …” on it, it gets attention.'”

It sure does. Here’s what student Jackie Brenner had to say about her own newly painted orgasm T-shirt:

“‘I’m painting a woman’s body with the beauty of an orgasm radiating through her,’ Brenner said. ‘That’s what I’m calling it: Radiation of Beauty.'”

If I lived in Florida and had to pony up for this sort of thing, I’d be calling it “Radiation of My Wasted Money.”

Hat tip: Dawn Eden, who titles her post “Paint It Blecch.”