La Shawn Barber is tracking the case of the white Duke University lacrosse-team members accused of gang-raping, sodomizing, and beating an African-American stripper hired for a party on March 14–a case that looked big until, uh, all 46 white members of the team were DNA-tested and the results came up negative. (The alleged victim claimed that she had lost several fake fingernails torn off as she clawed her assailants in an attempt to escape, and the DNA tests were run on the nails as well as the players.) Nor was there any other evidence of a sexual assault at the party premises, according to police who arrived there one minute after someone called the police to complain about racial threats coming from the house.

Nonetheless, Durham County D.A. Mike Nifong plans to go ahead and press charges anyway, against somebody or other on the team based on some kind of evidence or other. And the usual array of man-hating fems and whites-hating black demagogues is holding the usual array of marches, candle-light vigils, letters to the editor, and calls for the summary imprisonment of all Duke’s white lacrosse players (whose season has already been suspended), even though no charges of any kind have been filed against any of them.

The situation, as La Shawn points out, is outrageous. For one thing, the victim of the alleged gang-rape was a good two-and-a-half miles from the party house when the police arrived to investigate.the call reporting a disturbance there (they had already been at the house for 16 minutes before she called):

“Two Durham police officers were investigating a reported disturbance at a Duke lacrosse party just 16 minutes before the alleged victim of a gang-rape there showed up at a grocery store more than 2 miles away to call for help.

But police found nothing at the scene, a police spokeswoman said….

Police arrived at 610 N. Buchanan Blvd. just two minutes after a woman called 911 to report she and her black friend had been verbally accosted by men outside the house yelling a racial slur early on March 14, according to computer dispatch records.

“Officers responded to the call at 610 N. Buchanan within a minute of the dispatch. The complainant was not on the scene and no one seemed to be at the house, according to the officers, so they cleared the scene after checking the area for several minutes,” said police spokeswoman Kammie Michael.

The dispatch records show officers were on the scene for more than 11 minutes.

“‘Where are all these white guys raising hell?’ asked an incredulous James D. ‘Butch’ Williams, who represents a lacrosse captain who lived at the house and voluntarily submitted to a DNA test shortly after one of two exotic dancers hired to entertain at the party said she was raped, sodomized and beaten by three white men there. ‘When the people start digging the least little bit, they’re gong to find out things don’t make sense.'”

Furthermore, Smoking Gun, the guy who unmasked James (“Million Little Fibs”) Frey, is on the case, with a copy of the application for a warrant to search the Duke dorms where the alleged assailants lived. Note that none of the supposed “evidence” sought in the warrant was found anywhere.

At any rate, La Shawn’s got plenty o’ links, including this one detailing efforts by the team members and their parents to fight back and this column by John Leo. La Shawn writes:

“The next time a black woman cries white gang rape, people will be more skeptical because the fake rape allegations at Duke will be fresh in their minds. The next time any woman cries rape, people will be more skeptical because the fake rape allegations at Duke will be fresh in their minds. It’s not fair, but it’s human nature….

” This fiasco adds fuel to the victimhood fire in America that is already burning out of control. No one is responsible for his own actions, and it’s always someone else’s fault that we’ve made a sordid mess of our lives. If you’re black, all you need do is tell your sob story to bored, useless ‘civil rights’ groups like the NAACP, and the jaded, left-leaning media will handle your PR.”