I posted below on the touching meekness of the American taxpayer. Maybe I should have said insanity. A piece in the American Spectator says that the majority of taxpayers in the U.S. think our taxes are fair:

“Taxes in the United States are still too high, but most Americans don’t think so, according to a recent Gallup poll. It found that 60 percent of Americans said their income tax they pay is fair. Seventy percent said corporations pay too little in taxes. Do they know that America has the highest corporate tax rates in the world? Evidently not. Nobody is telling them.”

The article has some tidbits on our “fair” tax burden:

“Tax Freedom Day, the day when we stop working to pay our taxes and start working for ourselves, still hasn’t arrived yet. It is next Wednesday. By that date, Americans will have worked 77 days just to pay their federal taxes, and another 39 days to pay their state and local taxes.

“We spend more time earning the money it takes to run our government than we do feeding, clothing, and sheltering our families.