Fellow blogstress Miss Kelly has this very nice post on Caroline Langston, who was on National Public Radio the other day talking about her decision to remain a virgin until she married at age 31. (Listen to audio here or read the transcript here.)

Here is Langston describing the romantic (or, actually highly unromantic) culture at her “progressive” boarding school:

Sex was expected, it was unemotional and it was no big deal, but the pressure to just give it up did not match what I wanted in my heart….The anxious misery of my youth would have been magnified exponentially if I had been sleeping with the boys I dated. It did not seem to make the lives of my girlfriends all that much happier, which is not to say that I did not have my own fun or make my own mistakes in judgment.

Miss Kelly notes another good reason to hold off till your wedding night on losing your virginity: you can tick off the sexual revolution-pushing elite!

“Funny how modesty/chastity is almost considered rebellious today.  But in a time where not only colleges, but even middle schools and high schools are distributing birth control, it is counter-cultural to abstain from sex.  The rebellious kids today are the ones who aren’t buying into casual sex or ‘friends with benefits.’  The pendulum is swinging back, methinks, and that’s a good thing.”