Somebody from a radical feminist organization was on Fox yammering about Tony Snow’s appointment as White House press secretary-insisting the White House needs to change policies instead of just changing flacks (did they call Clinton Press Secretary Mike McCurry a flack?).

She got it backwards-the administration needs somebody who can get the message across. For example, the economy is going gangbusters, but, if you watch the evening news, you think that the only economic story is “pain at the pump.”
Hugh Hewitt thinks that Tony Snow may the right man to carry the message:

“I also think the daily work of preparing for and hosting a three hour talk show on radio as well as the television work will make Snow supremely confident on many issues that others have never covered. One of the joys of doing what we do is that it allows us read widely and constantly, to interview experts and opposities, and, crucially, to practice the hardest words for anyone in Washington to say: ‘I don’t know.’

“We confront churlish folks and gentle but ill-informed folks, and passion and bigotry and patriotism and honor and every other sort of American virtue and emotion every day. There isn’t much the WH press can throw at Snow that he hasn’t already fielded a few hundred times.

“Tony Snow is going to be a tremendous asset to the president and thus the country. I admire his willingness to serve, as should even his greatest opponents.”