We got this letter from reader M.D.:

You need to proof your work before you place it on your blog. I caught too many spelling errors; how can anyone take you seriously if you won’t take the time to reread your work?

I find your definition of feminism to be narrow and uninformed. I didn’t find any ‘independent’ thinking on this site. Independent thinking would welcome a variety of viewpoints and discussion; I find it totally lacking here.

As a former grade-school spelling champ, M.D., that hurts! But we are too fair! Just to prove it, here are some “viewpoints” from the bulging Bag:

From S.D.:

O. My. God. I have taken the time to read some of the misinformation on your site and cannot leave here fast enough. What bogus incredible lies and garbage you purvey. Women don’t need your ‘help’ escorting us through the ‘myths’ that are ‘victimizing’ us. I just read and shake my head. I can’t leave this site fast enough. You ought to be ashamed.

From P.S.:

How dare you call yourselves the independent Women’s Fourm, when in fact you are far from independent. Why not call yourselves the Republican party neocon bootlickers?

And from Peg:

As a woman, a mother and human being, I find your site repulsive. There is nothing independent about your forum. Maybe you should read the ‘Handmaiden’s Tale,’ as you are certainly not advocates of female humanity.

Actually, it’s “The Handmaid’s Tale.” And we promiss to wach our speling. There!