The Bitch Girls link to the amazing story of Monica Pippin, who entered a wet T-shirt contest during spring break at Daytona Beach, Fla., five years ago, and won the $100 prize. Actually, it was a wet non-T-shirt contest in which Monica bared her chest while men doused her with $5 pitchers of water. Monica was only 16 at the time, and to get into the contest, she not only had to pay a $5 entry fee, but she lied about her age.

Now, the 21-year-old Pippin feels, um, exploited. Seems that the contest became part of a couple of Playboy videos about chicks gone wild on spring break. So Pippin is suing everyone in sight in federal court: Playboy Entertainment, Anheuser-Busch (guess everyone involved drank a lot of beer; Anheuser-Busch has recently settled), Deslin Hotels (owner of the motel where the contest took place), Best Buy (did it sell the video camera?) and several other entertainment companies.

As the St. Pete Times reported:

‘Sometimes what happens in your childhood should stay in your childhood, said Arthur Tifford, Pippin’s Miami attorney.

So–what did all these evil people do to Monica? Here’s the Bitch Girls’ comment:

Monica, 16 at the time, went to Daytona Beach for spring break. She decided to go watch a wet t-shirt contest one night. The next night she decided to participate in a wet t-shirt contest. She admits that she lied to promoters about her age in order to participate. She even paid them $5 in order to participate in the wet t-shirt contest. She voluntarily got up on stage in bikini bottoms and a cut off tshirt and allowed men to pour water all over her body. She even admits that she made a conscious decision to allow men to rub against her and do whatever it took to win the contest. She performed for the cameras she saw in the audience. She even won $100 for her voluntary performance that required her to lie to join.

Now she’s upset that those materials are being distributed as part of a Playboy video because she didn’t realize her voluntary participation in the filmed wet t-shirt contest that she both lied and paid to enter would end up on tv and be seen by her neighbor who would call and tell her parents.

Poor little Monica later says, ‘I think it makes me look like some kind of prostitute or porn movie star, almost like I am trying to show my body to the camera, which I was not.’ Considering she’s already confessed that a) she voluntarily participated after attending the night before, b) she paid to show off her nearly naked body to strangers for money, c) she lied to show off her nearly naked body to strangers for money and d) she was willing to do anything to win the money reserved for the girl who showed her nearly naked body on stage in front of strangers and cameras in the most exciting manner, I would like to believe she doesn’t actually have a case. However, stupid people who can’t take responsibility for their actions always seem to get something by abusing the court system.