ABC’s Nightline did a fabulous feature last night about the National Anthem.  Turns out 61% of Americans don’t know the words.  Now, if it was a song like “Louie, Louie” (with the most misunderstood lyrics in history) I’d have a little sympathy.  But, this is the NATIONAL ANTHEM.  It’s time to step up.

It gets worse.  So, the Nightline folk decided to test politicians.  Turns out they don’t know the words either!  Most congressmen refused to answer questions about the lyrics or acted really busy and blew off the camera crew.  A few congressmen tried to sing and messed up the lyrics, resulting in a sad state of affairs for the American people and hilarity for me as I watched them fail.  Politicians who unsuccessfully attempted the song included: Shuster (PA), Kennedy (MI), Matheson (UT), and Reyes (TX).   It’s worth pointing out that, while these people failed, a progressive dressed in a fish costume to protest polluted waterways sang the song perfectly.