There is justice under the heavens–an investigatory committee at Colorado University has unanimously found that ethnic studies professor and soi-disant American Indian Ward “Little Eichmanns” Churchill committed serious scholarly misconduct, including plagiarism and fabrication of evidence in his many books and articles alleging that the U.S. government committed deliberate genocide on the Native Americans with whom Churchill ethnically identifies (and whom he has used to carve out quite a nice career for himself) despite his notable lack of Native American blood. In the committee’s report released today, three members of the committee recommended that Churchill be fired from the university and other two suggested a five-year suspension without pay.

Pirate Ballerina, the compleat Churchill-dogging blogsite (hat tip: Michelle Malkin), has the pdf file of the committee’s full report, which includes a finding that Churchill’s misconduct had been “deliberate” on six out of the seven counts of misconduct. Churchill, who somehow (well, we can guess how) catapulted to full tenured professorship at the state-subsidized CU and chairmanship of its ethnic studies department despite his lack of the usual requirement of a doctoral degree, became famous for a series of essays blaming America for the 9/11 tragedy.

Naturally, this being academia, the committee was careful to point out that its findings of scholarly misconduct on Churchill’s part had nothing to do with the incendiary statements of this taxpayer-paid prof:

“The Committee observes also that the allegations we were asked to investigate were initiated in the wake of the public outcry concerning some highly controversial essays by Professor Churchill dealing with, among other things, the 9/11 tragedy. While not endorsing either the tone or the contents of those essays, the Committee reaffirms, as the University has already acknowledged, that Professor Churchill’s right to publish his views was protected by both the First and Fourteenth Amendment guarantees of free speech.”