If you watch the evening news on one of the networks, you know that there are only two stories going right now: pain at the pump, and the president’s low poll ratings. On ABC last night, however, there was a story on something bright and cheery: the robust job market that is facing lucky college grads this year. Introducing the story, anchor Elizabeth Vargas referred to this job market as “the silver lining.”

I found this an interesting turn of phrase. What as a silver lining? A cloud, of course. To network news people, our thriving economy is a cloud. Can you imagine how differently economic news would be reported if there were a Democrat in the Whiter House?

The story closed with these words:

“One lesson these grads will learn as they head out into the real world: The economy goes up – and down.

“So while they’re feeling regal now, those signing bonuses and six-figure salaries may, at some point, be much harder to come by.”