A recent study of teens in England indicates that girls are surpassing boys in some fields: “The study of 14 and 15-year-olds was conducted by questionnaire, in schools under exam conditions, and the results compared with a similar one from 1985.

“Professor Colin Pritchard, who led the research, said: ‘Girls now significantly smoke and binge-drink more than boys. They truant, steal and fight at similar rates, and start under-age sex earlier than boys.’

“He said binge-drinking, which was admitted by nearly a third of girls in their early teenage years, drove other anti-social behavior such as stealing, fighting, taking drugs and engaging in risky sex.”

I’m inclined to agree with a comment by JB, UK in the comments section (though I might have expressed myself more delicately!):

“This is progressive feminism at its very best! Well done to all those women who fight to be just like men! Now you too can have ‘beer-bellies’ and excrete bodily gases and fluids without holding your heads in shame!”