The Dutch have shown a particularly disheartening brand of cowardice in the matter of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Don’t miss IWF’s Yasmine Rassam on the former member of parliament who lost her Dutch citizenship:

“Ayaan commented forcefully, frequently, and forthrightly–some might say too forthrightly– on all issues within Dutch society.  She was especially outspoken about how women are treated in both official and radical Islam, on how minorities behave in their adopted countries, and on the methods used by European societies and intellectuals to deal with Islam, radicalism and terrorism.
“She received death threats from Islamist extremists after writing the script for the movie ‘Submission’ about the shameful treatment of Muslim women in Holland.  An Islamist fanatic killed that movie’s maker, Theo van Gogh, as he was bicycling to work one day,. Despite death threats, Ayaan continues not only to criticize Islam’s treatment of women but to warn that militant Islam is spreading unabated throughout Europe.”