IWF’s Carrie Lukas is kicking butt and taking names this morning.  Not only is she appearing on the G. Gordon Liddy radio show in a few minutes, she also has two op-eds out.

On NRO, she describes the shenanigans of returning to Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government for her five-year reunion.  Turns out there is just as much liberal nonsense now as there was five years ago.  Go figure!  As I was reading the entertaining account of Carrie’s weekend I couldn’t help but think A) as bad as Harvard’s liberalism is, it’s hard for me to feel sorry for anyone who voluntarily goes to college in communist state and B) my school would never have a problem with a beer line extending needlessly into another room – we know how to throw a party.

In the Washington Examiner, Carrie asks the question, “Does college prepare young women for life?”

“During the next 10 years, the typical female college graduate will face decisions that will determine her life’s course. She’ll get a job and start down a career path. She’ll meet potential mates and may consider getting married. She’ll make important health decisions: She may consider engaging in casual sex. She’ll think about having children. If she decides to begin building a family, she’ll face choices about her role as a parent and how to balance family with career. She may also consider divorce.

Does the typical woman graduating from college have the information she needs to make decisions that will improve her chances for long-term health and happiness? Probably not. Chances are she’s been given a lot of bad information – much of it in the name of political correctness.”

What sort of political correctness?  Read on…