“The jingoes exulted. GOTCHA! screamed the New York Post, showing a blowup of Zarqawi’s face, bruised and puffy (the tabloid couldn’t resist a cartoon bubble from the dead terrorist’s mouth uttering the command ‘Warm up the virgins’).”

That is how Newsweek’s Evan Thomas described the enthusiastic reaction (in some quarters) to the death of terrorist mastermind Zarqawi. Well, I guess that makes me a jingo (as opposed to an ordinary gal who is exulting simply because a terrorist and enemy of her country has died?).

(Newsweek seems to have lost a reader with the demise of Zarqawi: The military found a copy of the May 2 Newsweek, featuring a cover story on Iraq, in the rubble of Zarqawi’s hideout. Can we get these guys to read Human Events?)