What a great day yesterday was!

Hugh Hewitt has been collecting nominations for “Best Ever Fever Swamp Reaction to Rove Non-Indictment.” Here’s what looks like the prizewinner so far, from Democratic Underground:

71. This doesn’t make sense. Is it possible that Rove was actually indicted on May 12 like truthout reported, but somehow Bush got involved to stop it? Maybe Bush told Fitz that he was going to pardon Rove so Fitz dropped it. Or maybe Rove has some dirt on Fitz so Fitz dropped it.

Isn’t it amazing how the left will believe any fantasy?

And how ’bout those Gitmo suicides? Bad timing, guys! Guess the news of the Zarqawi hit job didn’t quite make it across the Caribbean. Glad you’ve got those 216 virgins to console you, because even the hand-wringing left has forgotten about you now.

Rusty Humprhies of NewsMax has the skivvy on the Gitmo Three:

These men were not ’driven to despair.’ These were crazies who believed a dream by a Muslim leader living at Gitmo. He claimed that in his dream, three ’brothers’ [Muslims] would have to die before the United States would shut the camp down. Since then, the ’brothers’ have been lining up to martyr themselves.

I have reported on this ’dream’ for over two years. The major media have known this as well and have chosen not to report it, even now after they have achieved the first part of their goal.

This was an act of an al-Qaida operative, a terrorist recruiter and a front line Taliban fighter – in other words . . . terrorists.