Students for Saving Social Security (S4) report that students at Portland State University played a carnival game called “Stand at the line and get the balls into the laundry basket and you will win a SNICKERS!”

Students expected to win full-size candy bars, but instead were rewarded with mini-Snickers — not to be cheap, but to model the current Social Security system that will provide my generation with negative returns if not reformed.  Students were not very happy with this.  They wanted full-size Snickers!  The organizers would reply: “Sorry, but the game is just modeled after our current Social Security system and if you don’t like it and agree it’s unfair, then help out our cause — send a screw to your senators. Tell Senator Smith and Wyden, “I’m getting Screwed by Social Security! Secure our future!”

It’s great to see students starting dialogue on this topic.