The Other Charlotte has already written with her customary wit and wisdom on the endless piece by Linda “Get To Work” Hirshman in Sunday’s Washington Post. I basically found Hirshman so off-putting (“Can you imagine being so obnoxious that NOW disavors you? Meet Linda…”) that I was unable to address her views on work and motherhood ( in brief, she thinks people who do house work are dumb and urges mothers to go back to work, whether you want to or not, damn it! Save yourself! Don’t stay at home with that stupid baby!)

Beyond Linda, however, Powerline points out something worrisome about the Post’s “Outlook” section, where the piece appeared. “Outlook,” always liberal but generally a stimulating read, may be changing.

A recent p’line item suggests that the “Washington Post’s Sunday Outlook section is beginning to resemble a feminist message board.”

The reason may be a new editor, Susan Glaser. Powerline notes: “One reader who is acquainted with Glaser describes her as ‘a flaming feminist. . .who would remind the average conservative blogger of Mary Mapes.’ Another reader, Bill Campenni who has dealt with the Outlook section since Glaser took over, says he was advised by a staff member that Glaser is looking for a ‘totally different cut on things.’ So far, as Bill puts it, ‘that cut seems to be highly feminist agenda with a lot of navel gazing. The section is becoming a ‘Joy Luck Club’ for liberals finding life difficult.'”

The Post has always seemed to strive for the up-to-date–turning the “Outlook” section into a message board for this tired old ideology ain’t where it’s at.