Remember when guys had macho cars that made them feel like studs? The latest victim in the war against manliness may be the new Camaro.

Is it too macho for the market? Eric Peters thinks it is:

Unlike the Mustang–which has always managed to appeal to a broad base of buyers ranging from young women to old men and everyone in between–the Camaro is and always has been a strutting muscle machine. A car for drive-throughs, Friday night cruising, and teenage boys.
That works fine when it’s 1969–and young, single guys can still afford to buy (and insure) such a car.

But the thing that will drive a stake through the new Camaro’s hood, deep into its small-block heart, is the polarizing, hyper-macho cod piece styling. If the production car ends up looking like the show car that’s been in every buff magazine and all over the news, it will be the belly flop heard ’round the world.