The Other Charlotte and I can’ stop blogging about ur-feminist Linda “Get to Work!” Hirshman, who believes that homemaking and child-rearing are fit only for women with the IQ of a Furbish lousewort. (See our posts here, here, here, and here). And here’s a comment from reader L.W.:

One thing that particularly caught my attention was Ms. Hirshman’s goal of seeing mothers leave their homes for high-level positions and politics. Am I missing something when I ask exactly how many ‘high-level’ and political positions are even currently available?

I’m no statistician, but I will make an educated guess that the number of such jobs are far outweighed by potential employees of both genders. Even if this were not the case, and Ms. Hirshman could send all stay-at-home moms out into the workforce, who would be left to take care of their children? My guess is: other women, since they still make up the majority of daycare workers, unless I am sadly mistaken.

Perhaps all those women are single and childless, or their children are already grown. Or perhaps Ms. Hirshman is somewhat lacking in the intelligence she says isn’t needed for child-rearing.

You are on the money, L.W. Ms. Hirshman makes it painfully clear that she, like most other feminist ideologues, has no interest in women who haven’t gone to elite colleges and professional schools and can find those elusive high-level, high-salary jobs. It’s: Apres nous, la deluge. Despite all their talk about sisterhood and solidarity, feminist ideology is All About Us. No wonder that most women in America take one look at militant feminism and go running in the opposite direction.