Carey Roberts of ifeminist proposes a 12-step program for women whose lives have been harmed by an addiction to feminism:

“It’s a condition that’s known to be chronic, progressive, and highly contagious. With my own eyes I’ve seen bright, caring women fall under the sway of its deceptive allure. They soon begin to speak and act like someone possessed.

“Its initiates are taught that women are ‘strong and invincible,’ but at the same time are the victims of an implacable patriarchal conspiracy. These self-contradictory beliefs induce a stress-producing condition known as cognitive dissonance. To relieve the discomfort, the girls are instructed to immerse themselves in the radical ideology.”

Step One: “We admitted we were powerless over feminism — that our lives had become bitter, lonely, and meaningless.”

But you don’t have to be powerless-plenty of alternatives such as ifeminist and IWF are here. We welcome young women who are fed-up with force-fed radical feminism on campus.