This morning, IWF vice president Carrie Lukas takes on Linda Hirshman’s new book Get to Work: A Manifesto for the Women of the World.  As the title implies, Hirshman is no fan of stay at home moms:

“Hirshman’s writing reeks of disdain for the “small lives” of real women. She belittles those who chronicle their days on, writing about such mundane activities as eating kids’ food and wearing sandals and shorts. The message is that such lives aren’t worth recording. Beyond boring, these women are in Hirshman’s eyes dangerous. She condemns, for example, one mother’s decision to homeschool her children – to focus on her biological progeny instead of improving the lot of the collective. Hirshman instructs: “Have a baby. Just don’t have two” – the idea being that the raising of one child can easily be outsourced so as not to interfere with worker output, whereas two are drag on productivity.”

Don’t just stand there, hop on over to National Review Online and see Carrie rip Hirshman’s book to shreds.