They Who Must Be Obeyed Have Spoken: Supreme Court decision on military tribunals and Gitmo was…wrong. (Chief Justice Roberts was sidelined because of previous involvement with the case, and “moderate” Kennedy predictably went with the libs.)

Here is what historian Victor Davis Hansen says of Gitmo:

“This European anger, however, doesn’t seem to be based on evidence of systematic American abuse. Despite Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin’s claim that Guantanamo was akin to Nazi camps, the few reported regrettable, isolated cases of sleep deprivation and harassment seem no worse than what we read about in most prisons. The roughly 450 prisoners still there – many of them killers – are probably treated as well as inmates in either Europe or the U.S.

“Further, Guantanamo exists to fill a vacuum in an undeclared and unprecedented postmodern war of few good choices in which the enemy does not wear uniforms, adhere to the Geneva Convention or distinguish civilians from soldiers.

“If the U.S. were to close down Guantanamo and send the detainees back to their home countries, some returnees would be freed and treated as heroes – and then rejoin the global jihad. Other released terrorists, or so the Europeans no doubt would whine, might be executed by the autocratic Middle Eastern governments in their homelands that are as afraid of Islamic terrorists as we are.”