We’ve blogged aplenty about Linda R. Hirshman, who thinks that stay-at-home moms are dumb cows. (Our latest: this, from Allison, and our policy veep Carrie Lukas’s article on our home page and also on National Review Online.)

Somewhere along the line, I (as well as some other writers) started calling her Linda “Get to Work” Hirshman because of her relentless advocacy that wives quit playing with Junior’s tootsies and cooking dinner for the hubster and buckle down to a paying job. I thought the “Get to Work” part was a joke! Not so: It’s actually the title of Hirshman’s latest book. And you darned well better or else, is the message

Is Hirshman kidding? What I especially love about the book is that no-nonsense maroon cover, along with the all-caps GET TO WORK. On the back is a photo of Hirshman in stiletto boots and a leather bustier, along with her pair of very large pet Dobermans (no–that’s a joke!).

At any rate, reader K.C. writes percipiently:

“Has anyone ever interviewed Linda Hirshman’s secretaries or assistants? I’m willing to bet that she’s very difficult as a boss….I love how she’s advocating that women ‘dream big,’ while ignoring that many, mnay jobs are small in scope, don’t foster dreams, and frankly, in the vulgate, s—. I say: Better to rule at home than serve in Hirshman’s office.”

I say so, too. In fact, my greatest fear is that on my demise, St. Peter will discover that hell is fully booked, but there’s a nice opening in the office of a certain retired Brandeis professor.