According to the Radio Equalizer (hat tip: NRO’s Jonah Goldberg), the ever-flailing Air America is about to dump “commedienne” Janeane Garofalo, beloved of Ms. Magazine, but very few others even among her fellow-lefties apparently, and whose main claim to fame was her unhinged Thanksgiving Day rant against assorted conservatives. Here’s the report:

“With one source indicating (via hard copy information) that it may leave the airwaves as soon as tonight, it appears very likely that the self- loathing and acerbic talker / actress / Hollywood political hothead may already have done her last show.

“If the hate- filled Garofalo remains in any capacity at the network, it will be as an occasional political correspondent, perhaps for phone-ins during election season, for example. But she may very well be ready to walk away for good….

“A casualty of low ratings, extreme revenue shortfalls, weird on-air behavior and the network’s overall poor health, Garofalo’s downfall is especially embarrassing considering that as a quasi- Hollywood star, she was once considered a key Air America selling point.”

“Quasi-Hollywood star” just about says it. Of the 14 or so movies Garafalo has made, not a single one has ever been heard of . She recently got a petition going to get her a star on Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame, but garnered only 71 signatures.