Inkwell regulars will know that we’ve been reporting on liberal attempts to debunk the boy crisis lately.  (Here and here.)

Feminists, who are largely for what’s happening to young men today, have a simple response to the boy crisis: What boy crisis? 

But now the New York Times, the bastion liberal orthodoxy, finds irrefutable evidence of the boy crisis on the campus. 

“A quarter-century after women became the majority on college campuses, men are trailing them in more than just enrollment.

“Department of Education statistics show that men, whatever their race or socioeconomic group, are less likely than women to get bachelor’s degrees – and among those who do, fewer complete their degrees in four or five years. Men also get worse grades than women.

“And in two national studies, college men reported that they studied less and socialized more than their female classmates.

“Small wonder, then, that at elite institutions like Harvard, small liberal arts colleges like Dickinson, huge public universities like the University of Wisconsin and U.C.L.A. and smaller ones like Florida Atlantic University, women are walking off with a disproportionate share of the honors degrees.”

Oh, wait. I said the evidence was irrefutable. But the Times tries (unconvincingly) to avoid the conclusions to which their own story leads:

“It is not that men are in a downward spiral: they are going to college in greater numbers and are more likely to graduate than two decades ago.”

Love to know what The Other Charlotte and Allison have to say about this.