The Charlottes posted this morning about part one of a NYT article about women in higher education.  See their commentary here and here.  For my commentary on part one of the story, I’ll direct you to Phi Beta Cons.

Part one of the feature highlights the gender gap in college enrollment.  Part two highlights a strategy for increasing male enrollment.  Several smaller schools, such as Seton Hall are starting football programs in an effort to attract more male students.  The president of Seton Hall says:

“I could have started a spiffy new major of study, spent a lot of money on lab equipment and hired a few new high-powered professors,” Dr. Boyle said. “I might have gotten 25 more students for that. And I couldn’t have counted on that major still being popular in 15 years.

“Instead, I started a football team, brought in hundreds of paying students, added a vibrant piece to our campus life and broadened our recognition factor. And in the long history of American higher education, one thing you can count on is football’s longevity. Football is here to stay.”

Read the article here.