Check out this lead to a CNBC story on an exploding building: 

“I’m Michelle Caruso-Cabrera here at CNBC headquarters.  Mark Haines and Liz Clayman are off today.  We have an explosion and building collapse in one of Manhattan’s best known shopping and residential areas.  The White House coming out and saying very specifically no evidence that this has anything to do with terrorism.  Just happened a short time ago in the city’s Upper East Side between Park and Madison avenue.  If you’re not familiar with this area, it’s a very, very tony area.  In the area are groups like the Links Club, one of the old-fashioned men’s clubs that still exists in the United States or in New York City.  It now allows women in we are told.”

Did you catch those last two sentences?  How on earth is that relevant to a story about an exploding building?  There is an explosion, but clearly we need to know about a men’s club.  That’s the real news (note the sarcasm).

It’s also worth noting that the same block on the Upper East Side is home to the ultra-exclusive, women-only club, The Colony Club.  CNBC only seems to be interested in taking shots at the men-only clubs.