The terrible news of carnage in Bombay adds special relevance to the blog item immediately below. Here is what Hugh Hewitt says:

“Those killers and their allies would gladly deliver the same destruction on American trains, planes and in American buildings.

“That they have not been able to do so within our borders since 9/11 is because of the success of law enforcement and intelligence agencies, a record made more difficult to maintain with every press revelation of methods and sources, whether the NSA surveillance of terrorists communicating with their agents within the US, or of the Swift program’s effectiveness in following the money.

“When the death scene of Bombay –and London, Madrid, Beslan, Jerusalem, Egypt,Jordan, Bali etc– is recreated here, then will people  look back at the recklessness of Bill Keller, Dean Baquet and other Bush-hating hyper-partisans and demand an accounting.”